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Ph.D., Structural Engineering

Department of Structural Engineering, University of California San Diego

2010 - 2015

During the course of my Ph.D. studies at UC San Diego, I have had the privilege to be involved with several interesting research projects, met and worked with exceptional mentoring faculty and colleagues, and have been exposed to a wealth of innovative ideas. Please visit my research page for more information on past and present research projects.


Above all, I am grateful to my advisor, Professor Joel P. Conte, for his abundant wellspring of knowledge, deep passion for teaching, and sharp mind and eyes. His instructive criticism and advice continue to provide invaluable aid in challenging me to reach the top of my game.

My Ph.D. dissertation can be retrieved from here



M.Sc., Engineering Sciences (Dynamic Systems and Control)

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California San Diego

2012 - 2013

Pursuing my passion for learning and following the course of my multidisciplinary research efforts (which centered on nonlinear system theory and system identification methods), I accomplished extra coursework above and beyond my ongoing Ph.D. program via the pursuit of a concurrent master’s degree through the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in the field of Dynamic Systems and Control. 


I must express my sincere gratitude to my master’s program advisor, Professor Raymond A. de Callafon, who has greatly aided and supported me through this stimulating and demanding enterprise.  



M.Sc., Structural Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering, Shiraz University

2004 - 2006

Following my ranking as “outstanding” in the national university entrance examination for M.Sc. studies in civil engineering (placing 3rd among 13413 contestants nationwide), I was admitted to the master’s program at Shiraz University (Shiraz, Iran). Soon after, in the summer of 2004, I achieved 2nd place (silver medal) in the 9th national scientific Civil Engineering Olympiad in Iran. While I had the opportunity to choose any master’s program across the country to complete my graduate studies, I opted to stay in my hometown of Shiraz in order to pursue other professional ventures during the course of my graduate studies.

I finished my research thesis in summer 2006 and graduated with honors, ranking 1st in that year’s graduating class of the M.Sc. in Civil Engineering. While I was admitted and encouraged to continue my graduate studies through a doctorate degree in Iran, I decided at this time to continue my postgraduate studies abroad.


B.Sc., Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering, Shiraz University

2000 - 2004

I entered the bachelor's program in Civil Engineering in 2000 after achieving an “exceptional” ranking in the national university entrance examination, a rank that gained me entrance to Shiraz University as a gifted and talented student. With pride, I maintained an excellent academic performance and retained this respected title throughout the duration of my undergraduate studies. In spring 2004, I graduated with honors, holding the 1st rank in that year’s graduating class in the Department of Civil Engineering.

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