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Post-Test Nonlinear Finite Element Response Simulation of the BNCS Full-Scale Five-Story Reinforced Concrete Building 


Following the pre-test FE modeling and response simulation of the BNCS building, some discrepancies between the FE prediction and experimental results were observed. Various causes can explain the probable sources of discrepancies between the FE prediction and experimental measurement, namely kinematic interaction between structural and nonstructural system, the aspects of the reinforced concrete cyclic behavior that could not be captured correctly (e.g., pinching behavior and rebar rupture), damping model, and etc. In this research study, each of these possible sources is studied carefully. First, proper modeling techniques and material models for each of the identified sources of discrepancy will be proposed and if possible, will be validated with experimental results. Then, the FE model of the BNCS building will be progressively updated to validate the proposed modeling techniques.


This study will provide valuable material constitutive models and modeling techniques that can be used to enhance the fidelity and accuracy of the FE response simulation for reinforced concrete buildings. 

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